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Combination Skin: How to Deal with It

Talking about human skin type, we have two common types of skin; dry skin and oily skin. However, between two of them, some people may be indicated to have combination skin type. Combination skin is type of skin where some of the areas are normal or dry and the others are oily. For some people who are given the combination skin, they will seemingly life with some little problem such as the skin pores seem to widen, comedos and pimples which surely stay on the skin pores and the skin that looks shinny.

The oily spot for the combination skin may come to one term which is literally referred as T zone. T zone merely places uneven amount of oil on the area of cheeks, nose and forehead. There's special treatment to care skin with this type. You have to wash your oily skin first before applying astringent on it. If you tend to apply moisturizer on combination skin, you should use the best facial moisturizer. It could be a must since the inappropriate products may cause irritation or allergic after the use. Use the moisturizer right on the dry skin only. Applying moisturizer on the oily skin may cause additional problem like the occurrence of acnes.

The cause of the combination skin itself is due to the genetics. It means that people, who have combination skin, may inherit it from the parents as long as the family tree can be drawn. Some experts reveal one study that the use of any cosmetics containing dry ingredients may increase the oil glands in the T zone area. Thus, not all of the products offered with famous cosmetic brands can simply ensure you to be free from combination skin symptoms. There are several things that can help to balance the combination skin effects.
  • It's recommended to avoid all the harsh skin cleansers. Most of cleansers contain alcohol and sulfates. Actually, these two chemicals may produce more oil on your T zone area,
  • Be careful in choosing moisturizers. You have to recognize the moisturizer that you will use by looking on its ingredients. Make sure it's less oil and less petroleum. In other words, use the moisturizer special for combination skin.
  • Use the sunscreen whenever you are out under the sun heat.

Combination skin also experiences the phase of exfoliation just like the other types of skin. When this happens, all you need is gently scrub the dead and apply the moderate moisturizer on the dry area. Since the dead skin needs to be repaired, it's better to use the anti aging products as the farther treatment. The combination skin needs kind of anti aging products which contain less synthetic ingredients. The other problem by having the combination skin is when choosing the cosmetic stuff for make up and mask. Somehow, some skin cares provide exclusive treatments for this.

Maybe it's going to steal a bit of time to take care the skin with combination type. If you are the one who life with combination skin, you really need to let yourself being busied to not ever skip the skin balance treatment.

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